Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well hubs and I got a start, but ya know Thanksgiving is in 2 days! I got a turkey to brine, pies to make, and I still have to work...so does hubs!!!!! But here is what we accomplished on the walls.....
At least they have some color!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear did you forget something?

Well hubs was putting up the chair rail in DD's room, (or what we were using for chair rail), and had said he was all done. He then had a fire call he had to rush to. Remember we live in hicksville, he's on the first responders/fire dept. Anyway, I went up after work to look at the room. Here is one side.

And here is behind the door.

After he got home I asked if had enough chair rail. He said he did and he still had some left in the garage. I said, is there a reason that there is none behind the door?

Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok tomorrow would be what..Saturday OH I don't have to work. Let's see hubs sleeps for 5 hours, he's soooo lazy! So I can either, go grocery shopping, nope the kids don't have to eat, or paint the stairway. I think I'm going to choose the stairway. It's gotta get done. Then we move on to the floor of the living room.
And oh I have made out my letter to Santa, if any of you know him.......I would like an elf to come strip the paint off of my windows, the inside. I'll do the trim, but man the windows? Those just suck. Big hairy donkey balls.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moving On

Well we still haven't made a decision about the ceiling in the living room....
We're kinda putting it off, imagine that!
BUT we did manage to get the wallpaper paste off the stairway walls. Those huge walls. Here is the before pic.Here is after.
We found out what worked was a tall squeegee, ya know one of those car ones! I liberally sprayed, with a garden sprayer fabric softener diluted in hot water, onto the walls, (it helps if they're plaster), and let it sit just for a minute or two and then hubs went to work with the squeegee. Worked like a charm. Now just have to figure out to get the paint done very nicely by the ceiling. I still think that is going to involve me on a board that is in between the ladder and the top of the staircase.......