Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pretty cool...

Well until recently I've kept this site and blog kinda quite from most of the people that know the "real" me. Just in case I need to vent about the neighbors, though I would NEVER do that, (even though their dog barks ALL day long, please give it a new home or bring it inside!!!! It doesn't belong in a garage!) Ahem! Anyway, friends of ours have this site I've got to brag about. I think most of you would find it pretty neat.
WoodTurning by Greg He does awesome work. Check it out~~~

Friday, August 8, 2008


Last coat of the Encapsulating paint is on DS' exterior window! Now it just has to dry and we are as hubs says "golden." Then the decision comes if we will have enough $$ this summer to swing two new replacement windows in his room. If not, the storms need to get stripped with Peel Away 1 and re-painted. But for now I know we can open his windows without creating lead dust or having any lead chips come into his room.
Here's the can!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Say What?

Is it August already?
OMG the kids start the back to school program next week!
Holy CRAP!
Ok, so hubs and I had a conversation that was similar to that the other week. Then we decided to see if we could squeeze out of this summer:
Getting the backyard finished fenced in, it never was really fenced, just halfway.
Get the beadboard up at least on porch ceiling, (originally we wanted to do that along with a new floor, but yeah, that ain't happening before the snow flies.)
Get the clawfoot tub refinished and do the outside ourselves.

Get a new floor in the bathroom AND

Put the newly re-finished tub IN the bathroom and hopefully not through
the kitchen ceiling....(though that would mean a new kitchen for me.......)
OH and if we have any time and $$ left 2 new windows in DS' room.
Plus host another Beers-n-Ears party, since ya know we had the flood on
the night of the other one, we thought we'd try it again. What the heck!Ya know that phrase if it wasn't for bad luck? Yeah, that applies to us........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok now

So we have it narrowed down.....to about 5 companies. After a meeting of the minds, well hubs and myself we called a few places and decided to have the tub done at 5 of the places, now we have to just choose one of the 5..............Hmmmm.........
Decisions decisions.......

Friday, August 1, 2008

Clawfoot tub

We found a tub last summer. It was coated with epoxy paint, a couple of layers. So we got some stripper actually got the paint off, and now have some rust stains on the tub. Some really bad ones around the drain. Then we have the outside. Of course we have to get the paint off the outside as well. Hubs will be working on that as well soon.
But the question is, what to do with the inside? What do we re-finish it with? A kit from the store?