Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ok I'm better.....I think

Well we encapsulated the wood with some nifty paint from HyTech it's called Encapsulgard. We placed our order and the paint came fairly quickly. Very nice. It goes on nice as well. Two coats gave us the desired thickness. It was quite funny to see me hanging out the window over the porch. With the help of the captain I was feeling quite limber. :-)

So now we just have my youngest sons room to do. That I am so not looking forward to. It's his lead levels that are rising. They are still in the normal range, but they are rising.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lead paint sucks

Yes it does. My youngest lead levels are a bit raised. Not extremely high, but raised. We have lead paint that we were trying to abate on our exterior windows. Trying. Now we will be encapsulating it. What do you encapsulate exterior windows with? Especially when you are trying to be cost effective because you are on a budget?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who knew?

We always thought the flood of August 2007 would be the one we would remember. No. Now we have the flood of June 2008.
Yes we once again have a wet basement. A floating basement.
Totes will float. Then the tip. They aren't waterproof, by the way, they leak.
Nice, huh?
We thought so.
I was feeling a tad guilty that we hadn't re-laid the flooring down "there", nope not so guilty anymore. Not at all.
Oh and the PO lied. He did have a wet basement.

And on another note, we replaced another fan/light combo, still going on and off all night.
It's getting to be that time, so that's all I'm writing about it now.