Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lead paint sucks

Yes it does. My youngest lead levels are a bit raised. Not extremely high, but raised. We have lead paint that we were trying to abate on our exterior windows. Trying. Now we will be encapsulating it. What do you encapsulate exterior windows with? Especially when you are trying to be cost effective because you are on a budget?


Fred said...

Wow.. so, is your youngest frequently touching/licking/eating paint from around the window? I'm curious only because I don't know what types of exposure will generally raise levels (e.g. is the fact that the paint is in his room sufficient to raise his levels, or does he need to be interacting with it?)

Our Little Bungalow said...

Nope no touching or licking. I think it's due to the lead dust. But hopefully not from us, but from the lead paint chipping off. Then that will create lead dust and it can raise lead levels. Since he's under six and doesn't have a proper diet due to being a special needs child I'm kinda freaky my doctor and hubs are finding out.