Monday, May 28, 2007

Washer Woes

Well five loads of laundry and a suds soaked floor, that's what I found when I opened door number one. Couldn't shut the darn thing fast enough though.
When we bought our lovely house last fall, it came with probably one of the first front loading washers out there. I think the seal is toast on it. So dear hubby and I went out looking for a new one today.
I spent more today on a washer and dryer than I did on my first and second car. I chose not to go with a front loading washer again. I'm just too worried about that seal again, plus the one I got is HUGE. I can almost fit 2 king size comforters in there. (So this weekend when both dogs were sick would have been a really good time to have it.)
Anywho, it's to be delivered next Monday, I can hardly wait I think. I'm still kinda nauseous to have spent that much on a washer and dryer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

What no pics?

Ok, so some of you have asked me, what no pics of the kiddos? Nope.
See, I'm afraid of this monster. He has green eyes that glow in the night and he harms little children for fun. His name...pedophile. I'm ok with the fact some of you think I am completely over reacting. Really I'm fine with that. See I know some things you don't know. My dear hubby works long hours with those monsters at a prison. I know things not meant for you to know. I'm fine being an overly paranoid mom. It suits me right down to the ground, because in the end all it does is protects my children.
So no, I'm afraid there will be no pictures of children on this site. Just know they are adorable children and I love them dearly and will kill any monsters that dare hurt them, just like any good momma bear would.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neighbors are nice

We moved here in Sept. My dear hubby was a long time member of another little town. He had been on the volunteer fire dept (does that tell you how small it is?) for over 13 years. My little girl had friends. It was hard to move in that respect.
It was an easy move in regards to the fact my parents, who are elderly, live in this small town. My stepson lives in this small town. This small town offers a much better school for my children, especially my son, who will really need a good school in a few years.
But you all know how it goes, keep in touch and you do, but it's harder to do. No more popping over for long talks while the kids swim or swing. No more just stopping by to say hi, hey want to stay for supper? (In our case no more feeding local law enforcement, luv you C!) Dear hubby joined this local volunteer fire department. (Yup another hick town.) So ties are starting to be established. Slowly.
We had a couple over the other night for supper. Nothing fancy. Burgers, corn, potato salad, pie. Now they brought rhubarb pie over. Rhubarb. Dear hubby loves rhubarb. I never make it. No real reason why. I love to cook and bake, I love to make things from scratch. But I never ever make rhubarb pie. Dear hubby was in heaven. Did I return an empty pie pan? I did not. In fact I kinda forgot to return the pan. In the meantime I was hit up for some of my chocolate cake for a firefighter fund raiser dinner. I found out the same couple kindly took my cake pan home with them and cleaned it. So I return a pie pan. With homemade chocolate pie to thank them.
I thought that was the end of the story. (Really I do know I ramble...sorry.)
But tonight as kiddos are getting ready to be tucked into bed, the doorbell rings. One basset house barks, one bichon yips, two parrots are screeching and one 2 yr old is screaming, door mamma! Thank you son, I hadn't noticed. Who would be at the door? Yup same person. She brought over dessert. Strawberry tarts.
I have a feeling this is going to be a long summer of dessert exchanges. I may have to get really creative........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No tub

Okay so many of you are dying in suspense....right?
No we didn't get the tub. I actually got out of the doctor's office rather quickly for a change and dear hubby got up and met me over at the ReStore.
Well it's a good thing I went and saw the darn thing. It needed a little work. The outside and feet looked like they would just crumble into a pile of dust at the slightest touch.
It was still hard to leave it though. I so want a clawfoot tub.
We brought my 2 1/2 yr old son with that day. Now the ReStore has a lot of funky stuff, but he was fasinated with the blue toilet.
"Mamma, mamma, mamma lookit, boo powtie!"
Whether that's due to the fact that we have recently started potty training or the fact he has never seen a colored toilet, he could hardly keep away from the blue potty. Everyone in the ReStore thought he was hysterical, well everyone but mom that is. I was too worried he was going to try out the blue potty.
Well anyway the search for the clawfoot tub of the patients at the clinic I work at suggested calling the plumbing places and asking that if they rip any out to throw away to call me......I just might do that...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Well these are my present! Aren't they awesome? I got a set of six! I love them! They will go great once my kitchen is done! :-) I just love love love them! And I got some plants to go in my lovely back yard. I may complain about our house, but our back yard rocks! The P.O.s really landscaped it nice. It just beckons to me.
Anyway Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Clawfoot tub

So it's no surprise I want a clawfoot tub. Really it shouldn't come as a shock. My dear hubby and I passed one up about 2 months ago. We were 1 day late from getting almost a PERFECT one off of craiglist for...are you ready for this? $25!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH! I don't really care I far we would have had to drive to get it.
I've been searching high and low ever since. I've been hitting up patients at work, hey if you hear or see a clawfoot tub for sale, let me know! I've been accosting strangers at Menard's in the paint aisle. (Dear hubby shakes his head some more and walks slowly away from me, as not to draw attention to himself.) I chat up local tavern owners about clawfoot tubs used as props in their restaurant. Ya know...if you ever want to get rid of just let me know, I live right over there............ I know I have it bad, but I hate our tub. I HATE IT.
So the point you might ask? While dear hubby was trying to get some sleep....thirds are hard on some people.... the ReStore people call. "Ya you put your name down on our wish list for a clawfoot tub. We got one in. Give us a call if you're still interested."
I had dear hubby calling the moment his eyes were open. The gentleman he spoke to said it was in near perfect condition and that they go fast. He suggested being there when they opened their doors at 10am on Wed, or call in on the phone and charge the tub.
Now the problem is this. Do we take the chance and buy the tub unseen at $175 over the phone? 10am to dear hubby is midnight to you and I, and dear hubby works 7 day stretches so I don't dare ask him to get up and do this for me. I will be at a doctor's appt for my father at 10am. (One that I really can't reschedule. Otherwise I WOULD!!) Or do I take the chance that at 11am they will still have the tub? I wonder how many other people they called?
What to do? What to do???????????

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Exterior Window Stripping... on hold

Okay, our exterior windows are alligatoring, (is that a word?) I know they have lead paint on them. (Thank god most of the exterior is brick!) I had planned on using SoyGel on them, and let's just say that didn't go too hot. So I bought me some Peel Away 1. Just the thing for do it yourself lead abatement (by the way professionals are the way to go, do not try this yourself!) I have been itching to burn a hole in my finger or blind myself with the stuff, but with the wind being so strong these days, I'm waiting a tad.
I'm keeping the youngins from eating the dirt in the flower boxes, so I'm comfortable with this idea.
Once I start the project I'm sure I won't be quite so wordy...I'll probably be eating them.
(Never try lead abatement yourself. Always check your state laws. Get your kids tested for lead levels regularly.)

Gardening...what will pop up?

When we moved here in September things were just starting to die. We didn't really know what we had in the backyard except a lot of hostas. We have a lot of different ones. Below are a few I find particularly pretty.

Then we have this tree. It sits in the back corner of our lot. If I remember correctly this past fall the leaves were dark red. It looks like it's tipped over, but really it's not. It grows like that. (Please excuse the lovely patch of burning nettles, I just haven't gotten up the nerve to tackle them yet.) Does anyone know what this is?