Monday, May 7, 2007

Clawfoot tub

So it's no surprise I want a clawfoot tub. Really it shouldn't come as a shock. My dear hubby and I passed one up about 2 months ago. We were 1 day late from getting almost a PERFECT one off of craiglist for...are you ready for this? $25!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH! I don't really care I far we would have had to drive to get it.
I've been searching high and low ever since. I've been hitting up patients at work, hey if you hear or see a clawfoot tub for sale, let me know! I've been accosting strangers at Menard's in the paint aisle. (Dear hubby shakes his head some more and walks slowly away from me, as not to draw attention to himself.) I chat up local tavern owners about clawfoot tubs used as props in their restaurant. Ya know...if you ever want to get rid of just let me know, I live right over there............ I know I have it bad, but I hate our tub. I HATE IT.
So the point you might ask? While dear hubby was trying to get some sleep....thirds are hard on some people.... the ReStore people call. "Ya you put your name down on our wish list for a clawfoot tub. We got one in. Give us a call if you're still interested."
I had dear hubby calling the moment his eyes were open. The gentleman he spoke to said it was in near perfect condition and that they go fast. He suggested being there when they opened their doors at 10am on Wed, or call in on the phone and charge the tub.
Now the problem is this. Do we take the chance and buy the tub unseen at $175 over the phone? 10am to dear hubby is midnight to you and I, and dear hubby works 7 day stretches so I don't dare ask him to get up and do this for me. I will be at a doctor's appt for my father at 10am. (One that I really can't reschedule. Otherwise I WOULD!!) Or do I take the chance that at 11am they will still have the tub? I wonder how many other people they called?
What to do? What to do???????????

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