Friday, May 18, 2007

What no pics?

Ok, so some of you have asked me, what no pics of the kiddos? Nope.
See, I'm afraid of this monster. He has green eyes that glow in the night and he harms little children for fun. His name...pedophile. I'm ok with the fact some of you think I am completely over reacting. Really I'm fine with that. See I know some things you don't know. My dear hubby works long hours with those monsters at a prison. I know things not meant for you to know. I'm fine being an overly paranoid mom. It suits me right down to the ground, because in the end all it does is protects my children.
So no, I'm afraid there will be no pictures of children on this site. Just know they are adorable children and I love them dearly and will kill any monsters that dare hurt them, just like any good momma bear would.

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