Monday, May 28, 2007

Washer Woes

Well five loads of laundry and a suds soaked floor, that's what I found when I opened door number one. Couldn't shut the darn thing fast enough though.
When we bought our lovely house last fall, it came with probably one of the first front loading washers out there. I think the seal is toast on it. So dear hubby and I went out looking for a new one today.
I spent more today on a washer and dryer than I did on my first and second car. I chose not to go with a front loading washer again. I'm just too worried about that seal again, plus the one I got is HUGE. I can almost fit 2 king size comforters in there. (So this weekend when both dogs were sick would have been a really good time to have it.)
Anywho, it's to be delivered next Monday, I can hardly wait I think. I'm still kinda nauseous to have spent that much on a washer and dryer.

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