Saturday, May 5, 2007

Exterior Window Stripping... on hold

Okay, our exterior windows are alligatoring, (is that a word?) I know they have lead paint on them. (Thank god most of the exterior is brick!) I had planned on using SoyGel on them, and let's just say that didn't go too hot. So I bought me some Peel Away 1. Just the thing for do it yourself lead abatement (by the way professionals are the way to go, do not try this yourself!) I have been itching to burn a hole in my finger or blind myself with the stuff, but with the wind being so strong these days, I'm waiting a tad.
I'm keeping the youngins from eating the dirt in the flower boxes, so I'm comfortable with this idea.
Once I start the project I'm sure I won't be quite so wordy...I'll probably be eating them.
(Never try lead abatement yourself. Always check your state laws. Get your kids tested for lead levels regularly.)

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