Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neighbors are nice

We moved here in Sept. My dear hubby was a long time member of another little town. He had been on the volunteer fire dept (does that tell you how small it is?) for over 13 years. My little girl had friends. It was hard to move in that respect.
It was an easy move in regards to the fact my parents, who are elderly, live in this small town. My stepson lives in this small town. This small town offers a much better school for my children, especially my son, who will really need a good school in a few years.
But you all know how it goes, keep in touch and you do, but it's harder to do. No more popping over for long talks while the kids swim or swing. No more just stopping by to say hi, hey want to stay for supper? (In our case no more feeding local law enforcement, luv you C!) Dear hubby joined this local volunteer fire department. (Yup another hick town.) So ties are starting to be established. Slowly.
We had a couple over the other night for supper. Nothing fancy. Burgers, corn, potato salad, pie. Now they brought rhubarb pie over. Rhubarb. Dear hubby loves rhubarb. I never make it. No real reason why. I love to cook and bake, I love to make things from scratch. But I never ever make rhubarb pie. Dear hubby was in heaven. Did I return an empty pie pan? I did not. In fact I kinda forgot to return the pan. In the meantime I was hit up for some of my chocolate cake for a firefighter fund raiser dinner. I found out the same couple kindly took my cake pan home with them and cleaned it. So I return a pie pan. With homemade chocolate pie to thank them.
I thought that was the end of the story. (Really I do know I ramble...sorry.)
But tonight as kiddos are getting ready to be tucked into bed, the doorbell rings. One basset house barks, one bichon yips, two parrots are screeching and one 2 yr old is screaming, door mamma! Thank you son, I hadn't noticed. Who would be at the door? Yup same person. She brought over dessert. Strawberry tarts.
I have a feeling this is going to be a long summer of dessert exchanges. I may have to get really creative........

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