Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things to do

While dear hubby and I are slowly working on the windows, I have a mental list of things I really want to get accomplished. Of course we have to go slow, work at our real jobs and do things as the budget allows.
1) Finish the bathroom floor/get new bathtub. Hopefully I can find a clawfoot one soon.
2) Remodel the kitchen/tear out a wall with lead in it. It's a 12x12 and the layout sucks. I have awesome oak cabinets, but the layout just plain is crap. There's this jut out island wannabe thing and the flow is just not good. Since I bake and cook a lot the kitchen is high on my list, and therefore dear hubby's, because he hears me complain. :-)
3) Pull up carpet/strip the orgiinal hardwood floors underneath.
4) Get rid of the 70s wallpaper and put up some wainscoting.
5) Strip paint of ALL the trim/invest in infrared paint stripper.....anyone have one I can borrow? :-)
6)Get fireplace functional.
7)Repoint front porch. We will probably have to have a mason rebuild it totally.
8) Replace all the windows.
9) Put an addition on the back of the house. This won't probably be until 4 years down the road.

Okay having a list makes me feel better, nothing more is really accomplished right now, but at least I feel better.

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Di said...

Not sure where you're located, but I have a tub you're welcome to have for free. We decided not to use it in our home. It's in very good shape (still needs to be refinished, but the enamel is fully intact and no interior rust), but it needs feet or a pedestal. E-mail me at tabbycat1264 AT yahoo DOT com. :)