Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two stripped!

Well I'm talking about windows, I don't know what you are thinking!
We've got two of the three windows that needed to be stripped done! Now they just need to be primed and painted. I would have done the third, but guess what? I found a HUGE wasp's nest. Of course I did. Of course. And of course I would be allergic to the damn things. SO while they must think Peel Away is the best thing in the world and 10-15 of them are buzzing my head, I had to finish the two windows I started. I didn't start the third. I'm leaving that for another day. If it gets too cold and that day is next spring....OH WELL.

Oh and tub re-finisher guy we picked NEVER called us back.
Of course not. I'm starting to feel a little like Stucco House.
So our third pick called us back. He was here today to do the tub.
Another post soon.....

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