Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Well Hello BOB!

Been a long time dear! Where have you been?
Haunting the neighbors?
Bothering Diane?
Oh I see, scaring Candy's kids? Gotcha!
Now it's the fall, and time to come home? Oh if you must. But please try not to turn the kids lights on and off too much. You see the youngest is now 4, if you remember Bob, he was 2 when we moved in, yup in the crib too! And anyway he is in school now. He has to get up pretty early. He's also a bear to get up in the morning. So if you could, please, don't flick the lights on and off too much, or just do it in your old master bedroom, our room? Please? The little ones really need to get some sleep. I know you like to turn them on in a clockwise circle and then off in a counter clockwise circle, but please no. I really don't want to have to take the lightbulbs out of the light again. They're a pain to but back in again in the morning at 4:30am. Don't you remember how I broke that one last year?
Please Bob, please...

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