Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well we messed this one up

So we are looking at our lovely little bathroom, with it's odd little shape. It's the only bathroom in the house and it's located on the second floor.
When we moved here we took out the pedestal sink, yes blasphemy I know! But I did have reasons! We have three children, so I wanted a double sink so at least I could get ready in the morning on they could brush their teeth. We also had to put in a shower as the P.O. only had a jacuzzi tub from 1982 in there. So we had an opening of 48 1/2 inches for a countertop sink and cabinet, which we custom ordered and installed.
Now we want to beadboard on top of the cedar carsiding to make it look more like a bathroom. The problem is then the sink a) wouldn't fit or b) the beadboard would overlap on top of the sinktop.
Yeah we didn't think that one through.

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