Thursday, June 14, 2007


As most of you know stripping paint sucks. Lead paint really sucks. However it's a task that needed to be done. So dear hubby and rolled up our sleeves and tackled part of the windows. First we had to remove the storms. See the P.O.s had replaced the original windows in the 1980s I think. With what appears to be mail order Sears windows....nice.
They then realized the windows did not keep out the Wisconsin winters, so they put the storms back on. Actually they SEALED the storms back on. So we had to pry the storms off the windows first. (I almost fell out of our second story bedroom window.) We then realized we couldn't get all the windows done in 3 days. Especially the windows in my daughter's room. I have no idea how we are going to pry the storms off....but that's another post.
Anyway we got the storms off of 6 windows. Above is a before pic of the kitchen windows facing the back yard after the storm was removed.
So what did we use? Peel Away 1. Above is an after pic. We have neutralized twice and will touch up sand with a Hepa sander soon. Then we will paint!

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