Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beers and Ears Party

Well we had our first "party" in our house! Dear hubby and I had a beers and ears party! I thought it might be a good way to meet the neighbors we don't know, which is a lot! Since dear hubby works quite a bit, as do I, and then we have our hands full with other things, you kids house repairs...stuff. Anyway! I had a bright idea to have a party, invite the people on our street and cook for them all. So we did. Dear hubby and I had time off of work together and this weekend was it.
Of course the weather couldn't be nastier.....rain rain go away PLEASE! We have the PERFECT backyard to party in and we are in the garage. But I bought a canopy and things went well! We have some really nice neighbors and they have cute kids! :-) We all had ears of corn, some grilled some boiled, I made of bunch of other goodies as well, it was so good! We had a pinata for the little kids and then we all talked and ate some more!
Oh and we might have had a few adult beverages as well!
All in all, despite the rain it was a really nice time!

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