Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some progress

Well well well. A new year and finally a new start on the living room.
The only before picture I could find of the living room was on the realtor site, sorry!

But the small half of the living room is done! Whew! Hubs was really impressed by the fabric softener taking off the wallpaper paste! :-) His wife does know a thing or two outside of the kitchen!

We have the new light fixture in the living room, thanks to hubs, knowing me, if I touched ANYTHING electric I'd be fried!

We decided to paint the trim white instead of tackling the job of stripping it all this year, and you know what? Hubs and I both really really like the white with the walls and the floor! So I think we might not be stripping the trim next year. I don't know. I still want to strip the staircase, but that will have to be done with stripper, not a infrared paint remover thingie. I really love how the start of the living room looks, all I need now is window treatments!!!!!!

Bob was only slightly mad at the change in the color of the walls, he only turned the light on in the bedroom last night twice. So that's not too bad. He didn't move anything and he didn't turn the kid's lights on.


Jennifer said...

Looks good! We are going to do white trim, too... it looks nice and clean!

Andy said...

Nice! Though I'm a proponent of wood-colored wood, typically, I think the white works really well in that room with that color (through the eye of your camera!) of these days, we'll get around to painting beyond the baby's room...someday.

Our Little Bungalow said...

Yeah I normally like wood wood too, but this is good for me, it's working!