Thursday, January 31, 2008

Freaking Cold

Ok it's cold. I'm talking -35 degrees below zero cold. This brick house just ain't cutting it. So hubs and I are talking blown in foam insulation before next winter. It's either that or tear out the lath and plaster, something I am not keen on doing. That and get the stupid fireplace functional. What I wouldn't give to be able to burn wood in that fireplace.

As far as I know that fireplace has NEVER been used. There is no way with me not working right now that we can afford to get an insert in that thing. Nor are there any chimney sweeps willing to come and unplug the chimney, (imagine that -35 degrees below zero and no one wants to climb on my roof, go figure.) Can you imagine the crap up there? I don't want to think about it. Ick.

Well since it has been cold and I have been home more I've been baking and cooking more.....I found this awesome site..recipezaar The people there are really friendly. You review a recipe, and they will Thank You for it.....neat. Of course I can never follow a recipe......I have a disease that makes me think, oh it would be neat if it had this or I did this instead, so most of my reviews are only 4 stars cause I have to play with the original. I'm so bad that way. I don't post many recipes because, well I have another disease that prohibits me from measuring. I kinda just eyeball it and call it good. Sad I know.

So if ya'll know anything about blown in foam insulation let me know!


Sandy & Michael said...

wow, that is freakin' cold!! I'm such a wimp now, we think it's freezing when it drops below 40.

And I'm a big fan of recipezaar, it's a great site - although I feel bad I've never added any recipes.

Good luck with your insulating plans, we added a fair bit of insulation - our house and almost none - and it's made a huge difference.


Sandy said...

I saw something about soy foam insulation posted on the Humphrey House blog. It would be worth the read. They said sub zero temps didn't faze it!