Saturday, February 9, 2008

Front hallway

So we are starting on the front hallway. Stripping the wallpaper off and and GLUE and such. ICK. Why oh why did they have to wallpaper every square inch of this house? Why Don Helfrich? He wrote his name on the walls on 8-20-85 quite a lot in this house. At least we can paint over it. I have chosen a nice beigey tan for the hallway. Then we have to PAINT over the wallpaper in the dining room. A big no-no I know, however....there is lead paint in the dining room walls, so the lead inspector said it would be best not to remove the wallpaper. Since we have children under the age of 6 in the house that's what we are doing right now. (We are planning on removing a wall from the kitchen to the dining room in the future, but that is the future's problem.)

Anyway just one more post about removing wallpaper. To anyone out there that doesn't know. It's a pain in the butt. A big one.


Jennifer said...

Hunt down Don and make HIM remove it!! He left incriminating evidence... he should be responsible! :)

Sandy said...

That sounds like a very good idea, Jennifer!

The Don said...

Hey hey hey! Just make sure you get the right Don Helfrich! :)

(I apologize for my namesake)