Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little thoughts and ramblings

While awake at 2am this morning I had a few thoughts. Would hubs make it back from work ok? We had an ice storm here and I worry. The other thought is, I wish my dad was able to remember things better. He suffers from Alzheimer's and even though it's in it's early stages he still has a hard time remembering things. He forgets at times that we moved into this hicksville to be closer to him and mom. We only live 5 blocks from them now. He forgets that we are fixing up the bungalow.
I think he would be so happy to see what we are doing to the house. My father has restored and renovated every house he has ever owned. He is an awesome woodworker. He was a plumber way back when and knew enough electric stuff so he could just about anything to a house. To look at the houses he remodeled and restored. I really wish he could see the bungalow and remember it. Oh well.

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