Friday, March 30, 2007

Showers are nice

The one thing I probably miss the most is my shower. Not that we don't have one in this house, but it's in the basement two floors down from the bedrooms. When we moved in, the only bathroom in the house had a pedestal sink, toilet, and an original 1985 jacuzzi bathtub. Now we are in the process of updating the bathroom. While I'd like to stay true, the pedestal sink went bye-bye. I have two small kids and one teenager, I need storage space. So we have installed a double vanity sink, but the shower is still in the basement.
I used to enjoy showers, probably too much if you asked hubby, but now I have it down.
Every morning at 5am I get up before the little ones, go downstairs, let the dogs out, get the parrots up, go down into the basement pull the two shower curtains my husband jerry-rigged together so the teenager in the basement, (who is doorless) can't see anyone nude, and take a quick shower. Quick get dressed, pick up after the dogs on my way back upstairs. Make sure the 2yr old hasn't started the house on fire yet, and finished getting ready for work.
I really miss my shower. I miss putting on lotion right after a shower, I miss taking a shower in a bathroom.
One day, hopefully one day soon.....

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