Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stripping paint

Okay I'm the first to admit I'm a newbie to the house fixer upper world. In fact, if you would have told me ten years ago that I would have been excited to restore my windows sills, I would have laughed my hiney off at you.
Sweetheart, that just ain't my thang. Thank you very much, drive on thru.
But today in between 13 screaming six year olds there I was trying to scrape god-only-knows-how-old paint off of wooden storms and exterior sills. (Since the previous owners replaced the windows 20 years ago, but kept the original storms and screens.) And that my friend is a SUCKY job. Those people who do it for a living? Well they don't get paid nearly enough. We had some good paint stripper, well at least according to my hubby. But still. Man oh man. I think I may be canceling our summer vacation, sorry kids, and buying a silent paint remover. We got one storm halfway done and just started on a set of exterior sills. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow. (Maybe I'll have more progress then...ha ha ha ha.)
But I think we have settled on one thing... We are going paint the exterior sills white and the storms and screens of the windows a dark burgundy color. Where did I come up with color you might ask? Well I found it on one old old window that was left in the basement. I think it will make a nice accent color. Then we might also paint the door that color.


sarah said...

burgundy sounds nice. maybe a pale dove gray with it? i've seen it done and the results were beautiful. i can definitely sympathize on the paint-stripping thing, we have a whole house full of trim that needs uncovering.

Billie said...

Yeah, I think I'm over my initial shock. LOL So now it's planning it all out.

Anonymous said...

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