Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Windows windows windows

I know it seems all I talk about is windows, but that is my major concern lately.
This problem started the day we moved in. Let me first say I know my husband loves me. And I love him... dearly. He puts up with a lot from me... and me, well I put up with ... We've managed to stay married for almost ten years now and had already done some major remodeling to our old house. However the day we moved into this house, it was not a smooth one.
One Issue we had was the refrigerator.
My parents had bought us a refrigerator for Christmas one year. One of those neat bottom freezer ones when they first came out. Since I have two parrots that eat a of fresh foods I like a big fridge, so of course I got the biggest I could.
When we looked at the house I took measurements, knowing my fridge needed to fit into the space given...right? I measured 36" and my fridge is 36", great I thought. But I never measured the doorways.
So my dear, sweet, patient husband who had been moving for two days straight figured out the hard way he couldn't get the fridge through the door. Off comes the doors, after much swearing and banging into the trim. Then into the kitchen. But wait I forgot about the window sill. The fridge won't fit. So the refrigerator was in the middle of the kitchen until hubby decides to fix the problem...with a saw.
It's not pretty.

But now I need ideas how we can fix this?


Greg said...

Oh My God! The people who owned my house sawed off a part of a window sill to fit in a crappy Formica topped counter. 105 year old sills were sawed off for something that would last 10 years if it was lucky. I couldn't believe they did it.

Good luck fixing yours.

Billie said...

Yeah I know. Truly I do. Really. Hubby and have had this discussion, just a few times. I came home to that. Was not pleased.