Friday, April 6, 2007

The Bathroom

I had gotten a little spoiled, I was used to having our own master bath at our other house. So sharing one bathroom with little children and a teenager, certainly makes for interesting mornings! That was one of the reasons we decided not to go with the traditional style bungalow bathroom. We removed the lovely, almond colored, pedestal sink and replaced it with double sink vanity. (I never took before pics....sorry!) We stayed with white, well because I hate ALMOND, CREAM AND BEIGE, and I knew I wanted to put a lot of color in the remaining white wall area. The rest of the bathroom has cedar lined walls, which is kinda cool in a sauna sorta way. So we now have a wall dividing where the shower will eventually be and I'm thinking of trying my lovely left hand at putting 1 inch turquoise /aquamarine tile there. I have a nice color paint that's a cross between turquoise and aquamarine to put on the small part of the ceiling left exposed. I think it would brighten up the room quite a bit. Of course dear hubby just shakes his head. (I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts.)

Then in the meantime we have the leaky tub......

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