Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Little Girl's Room

A while ago, before I knew such things as houseblogs existed, I got a bug up my butt and had to do SOMETHING to this house during the middle of winter. While the most pressing on our "to do" list is on the outside of the house, there was one more pressing matter, my then 5yr old's room. We had moved from our old house that had a totally two toned pink, (hubby called it Pepto Pink), room for her. In this house she had 1970ish wallpaper...not to her liking. So after the holidays we went to Menards, (the home improvement store of choice here, being we do not have a Lowe's) and got what we needed. We could not pull down the wallpaper, as it had lead based paint underneath. So we mudded what needed to be (we meaning hubby), and put two coats of oil based primer on it. Man is that stuff nasty to work with! I had a vision...hubby once again rolled his eyes. The top half of the wall pink, the bottom half in 8 and 10 inch stripes, light blue and lavender. Hubby has no patience for masking or detail paint work...that's fine I don't mind.
So the only thing left to do, is to put a chair rail up to divide the room. And either strip the wood work....again that lovely color CREAM, or paint it white. Which is why the chair rail isn't up yet. I'm still undecided. White would look really cute in there, but I so like the look of wood.
More of the stripes.My dtr's windows. I think these would look nice painted white, but I like the look of stained wood too.........

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